Anco logo seal presses and embossers
Standard Formats & Custom Designs
Ideal model m pocket seal pressIDEAL® Model M pocket seal press is our most popular embosser. Its durable chrome-plated steel frame is compact, easy to use. 1-5/8 dia. embossing plates of your custom imprint are mounted in a removable V-shaped holder referred to as a seal insert. A complimentary soft vinyl case with snap closure is included.
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Ideal steel desk pressIDEAL® steel desk press is engineered to produce crisp impressions with minimal effort. Versatility is an added plus! Remove the interchange-
able seal insert from a Model M pocket seal for use in this desk frame.Contact Us
Ideal stationary seal pressIDEAL® stationary seal press, pocket or desk style, houses 1" x 2" embossing plates suitable for name and address or a stylish monogram. The custom engraved plates are permanently set to emboss either envelope flap and bottom of stationary or top of stationary.

Need reversible plates? The "ELITE" stationary seal press embosses both envelope flap and top of stationary. 1" x 2" for 4 lines of lettering max.Contact Us
Classic cast iron desk seal press Classic cast iron desk seal presses, available in chrome, brass or black finish, are designed for heavy duty work. Embossing plates range from 1-5/8" to 2-1/4" diameter *reaching into the paper from approximately 1-1/4" up to 4". Officialize documents with custom engraved design/logo.

*Reach is measured from center of embossed design to edge of paper with press fully inserted.
Long Reach desk seal presses available with a 4-1/2" reach maximum.
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Camera ready artwork required for design/logo.

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